Fan Mail

Warchild has been such an inspiration to me. I listen to the music almost every day at work and no matter how many times I listen to the tracks they always strike me right down soul. Each song reinstates itself in my heart, making me cry, laugh, or just mellow out. I have to say that Warchild has trumped out all known singers and bands I have listened to in my life. Even though lots of songs are my jam. No album from the big names like Bryan Adam’s has quite made such an impact.

Keep up the great work and I am eager to hear your new album…

– Caitlin K.
I Love Warchild because it is a wonderful person who always takes time to answer all of our comments and not like those people who say they want their fans and not even remember them, I like it that way. since I saw your video Lost I became his fan and I’m slowly buying everything! never change and really like to be as good a person you will be rewarded. Always a fan. a big hug!
– Jessica Marta Navidad, Spain


You will never really know how much you really did for me. Not just because of your amazing music, but for actually caring about your fans! Thank you.
– Tanya H, South Dakota


Thank you for being so kind to me at Dragon Con – very little kindness in my life. Loved your show. Can’t wait to see you in New Orleans.
– Betty B, North Carolina


Steven..You are such a wonderful person inside & out & I have never met you but I can honestly say by listening to your music & reading all the interactions you have with your fans & all your pictures..that I can call you a friend..I like the kinds of music that I can feel the musicians’ very soul within the lyrics .. I wish all the best for you Steven! I promise as soon as I can I will buy your music…
– Robin L, Tonkawa Oklahoma


I’ll be your fan for life (unless you start singing Opera-and that is only because well…I don’t speak Latin, Italian, or German(sorry I took 3 worthless years of French). I already send weekly messages to every Indie and rock station here in Indiana and I even E-mailed for the past year to the Indiana State Fair to have them invite you to perform. So dude….while I may not be able to travel to the Con or like buy every album(which would be worth every dime spent, I am with thee till the end and the end ain’t no where in sight. So I hope you feel the love.
– Nikki N, Marrion Indiana


Had it not been for my wife’s love of this book series I would never
have known about you. You have some of the freshest music I have heard
in a long time. I love it, and wish there was more music like it
today. Keep going, and I wish you the best of luck!
Mark, Lighthouse Point Fl


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your CD that I have. In our kitchen we have a CD player. Each person in the house has their own CD they play when we are cooking. That is were I keep yours. It is my kitchen music that I jam-out to when I am cooking. I am always cooking so we listen to it all the time. Thanks for the great music.
– Alys Dolfi B, Winder Ga.


The story you wrote about the bug and the flower was AWESOME. I wanted to send this to you personally because my support and encouragement is for you directly.
I have been of thought about your stories and so love your insight. Please know that you help a lot of people through your music. You help through your posts and insight. Through technology, you are growing. That is incredible. Always, keep this in the back of your mind. You are a fabulous individual whose perspective is unique. This is why you have a big fan/friend base.
Enough of the heavy stuff. I have had you on my mind a lot lately and those stories you posted. They touched me. Keep doing what you do and know that you do it oh, so well.
Sending love and greatest of success in all things your way.
– Dotti M, Boone North Carolina


Hi, I recently discovered your music through my favorite author Sherrilyn Kenyon after a post on her Facebook page. I really love your track ‘Lost’ because it reminds me of a time in my life when things weren’t going well.
What really caught my attention with your music though is the tracks for the Dark-Hunter characters. ‘Simi’ is pure genius! I’ve tried many a time to write at least a poem about that crazy demon to much failure but you? You freaking nailed it!
Keep the brilliant music coming, dude, because now I’m actually addicted to it!
Skylar, South London


Hey Steven, Just a note to say that I continue to love your music and think that you are extremely talented and awesome at what you do. It shows in the end product, and I hear it each time I apply my ear phones.
I hope this New Year is Wonderful, Special, Successful and Prosperous for you. With all the hard work and sacrifices, in the end the success is that much Sweeter. As a business owner myself, I can so understand and appreciate the struggles because when I reach my goal I have learned and discovered new things in the process. Just makes Success SWEETER. I can see through your postings and life experiences that you do the same. I am sending you the Very Best of Wishes and Universal Positive Energy for 2012.
– Dottie M.
Fairfield California


I love your music, so its no hardship to show support for something that I love. Keep ‘em coming.
– Myriam Lomeli,
Sacramento, California


What you do with your music breathes heart and soul into a world where people so many times see only what is written in black and white. You give them a color spectrum so they can see that education is all around us every moment of every day. Education is important, money is necessary, but life is what you choose to make it from your own spit and determination.
– Mary Beth E,
Fairborn, Ohio


Thank you for all the hard work you put into your music. Your music is amazing and has always made my day brighter.
– Smita M,
Richmond Hill, Ontario


I agree with those here who say you don’t need to explain yourself. You and your sister have risen above your beginnings to write some great stuff. You rock, Steven!
Chantelle S,
Columbia, South Carolina


Congratulations to you on all of your hard work and passion paying off! You really are a wonderful human being and probably inspire more people than you realize. Follow your heart and dreams like you’ve been doing and those that truly care for you will be there for you (even if they don’t always agree with you)
Nicole Delta H,
Essex Junction, Vermont


You have my support and you are an incredible musician and you have heart. And that is something that very few people nowadays have. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!
Jennifer Wilson C,
Sulphur Springs, Texas


You’re awesome and even if there is something we debated on-I would still be a fan-do or die man do or die!
Marion, Indiana


Steven, you do what you love, we love your music. I’ve personally felt the real world in your sister’s book. Just because you don’t always like reality doesn’t mean you can leave it behind like trash. Some people will come and go, but there are some that I cherish deep in my heart that stay for the long haul. You are one of them.
Emmy, C.
New Orleans, Louisiana


I come from a family of military and law enforcement. Having been a college student and now am an in debt out of work wife and mother, I can say without hesitation that most people don’t know even half what they think they do about the system. However I will say this. Its the only one we have at the moment. Steven, you and your sister are truly beautiful people who deserve nothing but respect and admiration. Those who are born into opportunity can never understand the ones who had to kick ass to get there. Keep your head up. I know I speak for a lot of us out here when I say we love and admire both of you and if either of you gave up what you do we’d lose something rare and precious. Ignore the hate and keep on being the wonderful person you are
Centre, Alabama


Never give up on what you love! I wish you a long sucessful career, and I know it’s not just the fans that keep you going its your born talent, that God gifted you with
Steven, you have all these friends and fans, that i see honestly love you, with all there comments, and that is amazing, you come far, and you have great talent.
Melissa K,
New York


Just wanted to say, keep doing what u do, luv. Your music is fabulous. Your integrity and compassion is brilliantly shown in your actions and laced into your music.
You are a truly talented individual!
Dotti M,
Fairfield, California


We, your fans and friends, stand by you no matter what so you can always count on us to be there for support. I love your music and look forward to your new CD. Keep up with all your awesome music and lyrics. Every song shares so much emotion and your lyrics come from your heart.
Brenda Yokum B,
Rockdale, Texas


You’re amazing,talented,and the soul of you comes out in everything you do. You’re an awesome person & loved by many. Always here for you,bro…Loves you greatly!
Desiree F,
Gibson City, Illinois


You are an amazing person Steven, I am proud to be a fan of someone who actually cares for us, our thoughts and beliefs. It breaks my heart to hear that wonderful people like you and your sis SK went through very hard times. But also glad to see that yous have gotten through those hard times and rose to shine so brilliantly, and have also become stronger. Lots of love ~muah~
Isela V
Whiting, Indiana


Steven, I know where you are coming from. Ive seen many things as well, many i wish i never seen or been through. Never stop telling the truth weither a person wants to hear it or not. A friend of mine was… Well lets just there was no justice for her, shes paying for her hubbys and others crimes. Everyone has a right to their opinon and if that person can’t accept it then they have to work out their issues. Never give up on trying to reach people cause in the end you might be surprised on how many you have reached. Your music ( for example Lost) could almost be written for people other than as a soundtrack for your sisters book. Your music reaches alot of peopl. No matter how famous you get sweetie your one of us. Hard working people trying to do what we can to survive. HUGS…. So keep fighting my friend and we will have your back and fight with you…..
Jenn P.


God bless you Georgia, life is unfair in so many ways I live in a gutted farmhouse in new York with a barbecue propane tank as heat. Farm could be beautiful, in bankrupsey fighting to save it so much corruption involved with it(lawyers) keep the good fight and the wonderful music flowing for some of us it’s the bright spot in our day. keep on keeping on…..
Darlene C.
Schenectady, New York


I feel were your coming from, I live in one of the worst places in NJ, and I seen a lot of things your average 20 year old (Im 20) would see. Plus I’m in college, but in this day in time you just can’t be “book smart” you have to focus on all the things around you. Some people can’t handle the truth, but that’s too bad. sometimes life gets hard but you just have to hang on. Steven your one caring person and your fans will always love ya!!!
– Amina B, East Orange, New Jersey


I agree with you about our laws in this country that seem to protect the criminal more than it does the victim. The laws are either too lax or too stiff in situations. I could go on and on about laws, jobs and so forth that are not right here in America. We all need to write our senators and congressmen. Most importantly we need to VOTE! *smiling* The fact you and Sherrilyn have been able to be so successful in your lives with such adversity is a great testimony as to how anyone that has nothing and really wants something bad enough- with a lot of effort and determination- you can reach your goals in life. *hugs* Thanks for being that role model Steven.
– Lisa E,
Arlington, Texas


You started from nothing and made something of yourself. That is why I am a fan of yours. You have shown the world that it is not where you start out in life but where you take that life that is what makes the difference. Just know that we, your fans, are here for you!
– Helen L.
Kalamazoo, Michigan


I’m fond of songs that send a message or display one that I can relate to, like yours – I love the lyrics! I started out by reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books and absolutely loved them! Haha, I loved the characters and picked my favorites out and whatnot. So when I heard a song titled “Ash” I just had to listen to it! It was the first song of yours that I’d heard and although I love your music, that particular song kinda holds a special place in my heart because of that connection I made with it. The songs that can make me feel that much are the ones I tend to replay over and over again. Sorry for rambling on, I just never figured I’d ever get the chance to express how much I love your music and how I would listen to “Ash” over and over and over again! Thank you for your music. You are so very talented (LOVE that voice!) and I’m honored to have gotten the chance to tell you all this.
– Olivia F, Phoenix Arizona


There’s very few things you ever really own. Friendship is one thing you can. Sometimes it comes at the least expected time. But if it comes you are lucky beyond belief. I’ve had to fight a lot of demons in my life. I have been there and done that and I ain’t ever going back. Do you know what its like to feel guilty for being alive? Without true friends you could be left out in the cold, feeling like everyone looks down on you because you are the way you are. “The world would be better without you.” You think, “ there’s a gap I can’t cross and I need help, or a fast train could help me bridge the distance. You are that bridge. Others are not so lucky. I have seen it take my friends, twist them into something you couldn’t even recognize. Most people think what you got is catching! But not you! You’d never say or think “touch nothing.,” Their dirty looks tell it all! So when my feelings are hurt beyond belief, I am so blessed, all I know is I need my friend! I’ve shed a lot of tears over the years but getting to know you, the first few months were just like a dream. The best dream! You are so good to me! You don’t treat me like a leeper! But the best is knowing that you never have to go where I’ve been. Thank God for that and Thank you so much for being there for me and being MY FRIEND.
Your Prayer Warrior And Friend
– Brenda